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About Us

Established in 2003, Elite Protection Specialists mission is to provide heightened awareness and additional precautions necessary for the safety and protection of our clients businesses, employees, customers and assets. We set ourself apart from the main stream security companies by recruiting and retaining highly motivated and professional agents, with the majority of our team having a background in law enforcement, retired or present military service members or have previously held government positions across a broad scope of government agencies. To sustain and train the ongoing security demands throughout the globe, we recruit current students studying criminal law to build their experience and resumes prior to entering a police force, military branch or government agency. These individuals provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of personal safety, asset protection, high risk situations and complex and unique security needs.

Our Staff


Daniel Baumann


Michael A. Edwards Sr.

Michael A. Edwards Jr.

Image by Matt Gross

Director of Operations

Image by Matt Gross


Steve Miszewski


David C. Vahl

Director of Investigations

Jill Kasper

Our Promise

                                             Service. Teamwork. Accountability. Respect. Success.



Experience and Expertise
Our management team has law enforcement, security management, and loss prevention experience. We understand both security needs as well as the requirements for providing adequate police protection in certain environments: retail, banks, traffic control, human resources, and legal matters.

Customer Service
We have significant experience in corporate security and law enforcement. We understand the unique needs of our clients and police officers and make quality customer service an absolute.

We remove the guesswork of trying to locate professional security agents by employing only high quality specialists, who display outstanding ability, integrity and dependability.

We ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts with the post requirements prior to assigning our agents. We are committed to quality service and our focus is to serve our clients.

Our security agents are fully covered by our liability insurance and workers compensation insurance plans.

Job Matching
We carefully match every security agent assigned to any client post to ensure that the security agent fully meets the necessary training and skills requirement to carry out the post assignment.

Payroll and Invoicing
We handle all security agent payroll and related issues. Our clients receive one consolidated simple to read, detailed invoice for each billing period.

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