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Background & Private Investigations

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Elite Protection Specialists provides a wide range of investigative services for lawyers, municipalities, businesses, organizations and individuals. Many of our investigators are former law enforcement investigators that have experience in a multitude of investigative areas including: homicides, missing persons, narcotics trafficking, background investigation, employee theft, workman's comp and much more.

Elite Protection Specialists offers a three tiered level of service for background investigations:

  • Standard Background: A thorough investigation into the subject’s background, including criminal history, address history, driving record, and a variety of other sources to identify possible areas of concern that may require more extensive examination.

  • Premium Background: Includes the standard background, but also includes searches of court records, police reports and other documents and examines information more closely that has come to light during the standard background.

  • Elite Background: The most comprehensive background that we can possibly conduct. This includes all of the above, as well as interviews of named and uncovered sources.

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